Feed the hippies - Tie Dyes, Tie Dye Instructions, Pizza, and other Hippie Stuff

Sometimes a hippie needs to pay his bills..

Galen's Dyes

Making tie dyes and selling them on the streets of Washington D.C. and Grateful Dead parking lots since before it was called Shakedown Street.

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I have this dream of re-creating the Day Job Rehabilitation Center & Stoner Retreat on 46 acres of Vermont mountain side our Universe was so gracious in loaning me. A retreat from modern stress for kindred spirits, peace activists, freaks and other creative humans needing a break. Be a patron and become part of the dream!

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Buy A Custom Toaster

Any face on toast or your bread back.

Send me a picture of any face and I will make a toaster that will toast that face on every slice. A perfect gift for the Kids, Doting Moms, Handsome Dads, Silly Friends, Retiring Bosses, White Elephant Parties, Any Wedding Party, those Narcissists We All Know, and Anyone Else with Everything.

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